If you join the Space Patrol then you will need a name. This name serves a number of purposes.

  1. It is a unique ID so that there will never be two "Cadet Happy"s. Cadet Happy's real and real character name was Lyn Osborn
  2. It should be easy to remember so "Star Chiled of the 30th Century" is out. It should be less than five syllables (rumor has it that Carol's Handle was "CuddleBunny" chosen by Commander Corry, "Buzz", but you know how rumors are, right? I mean, do you really think that Major Roberson "Robbie" saddled Tonga with "HotsyTotsy"?)
  3. it is clearly audible so it needs clearly defined sound
Learn it so that when you are called, you know it's you. Things happen fast in the Space Patrol. So if someone calls out "JoeStar; Hit the door". that means JoeStar is to lead the attack to bash the door down and enter what is on the other side PRONTO!!!

the following list is of the names that have been taken. If and when I get the Space Patrol code wheel up and running. A personal code consisting of a letter and number that will be the setting for your code wheel to send messages